Thursday, March 02, 2006

since I was knee-high to a hip-hopper

Haven't written for a while; was hosting this little awards show in Los Angeles, trying to keep a low profile though so I don't really want to talk about it.

Glad it's over too, because now I can finally focus on my blog. It makes me feel needed with an intensity that I haven't felt since I was vice-president of the AV club in high school.

I remember fondly those halcyon days, the innocent hijinks amid a haze of pot smoke. Lately though I've been forced to sober up to another's stark reality in contrast to my own fuzzy wonder years . The fragility of youth, cliche that it is, recently revealed itself to my new student and it's made him a Sad Young Man. SYM's a good kid but he's had a bad thing happen to him in a situation that a lot of us have probably gone through unscathed. We'll be working together over the next couple of months, trying to get him through grade twelve english, trying to get him back on his feet. Trust that I'll be reporting our regular and exciting literary discoveries.

Before you go digging up that dusty copy of Streetcar in preparation, you'll want to hear about the rest of my regular work day. With my afterrnoon hours, I buckle down into a more solitary world to transcribe an ongoing series of lengthy and occasionaly interesting interviews with "successful" Canadians. The interviews are part of an ambitious book project to find out how successful people managed to make it throught the forest of twenty-something indecision and doubt. Initiated by a group of young go-getters with upper management written all over them, I'm hesitant to accept that the wisdom uncovered will be helpful in the way they hope it might. But by gosh, the implication that it might sure seems to make the interviewees feel good. What do you get the person who has everything indeed.

You'll definitely be hearing all about these adventures, but not today.

Hope there's still people reading. I've got so much snide angst to share.

p.s. I've been watching celebrity poker lately. Any chance that Kathy Griffin is really Andy Dick in drag?


Blogger Josh Budd said...

No, but Kathy Liebert definately is SOMEONE in drag.

8:13 AM


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